Home Sweet Home!

Finally my automated response system (AKA you) told my teleporter’s AI Brain to teleport me from mars back home. I heard the words “Beam me up scotty!” and found myself back home with comfortable air pressure, and had a long snooze. Waking up and writing this post. I’m not teleporting again until I work out what went wrong with that teleporter! Meanwhile I’m making a game so stay tuned!

Over and out!



I’ve got some good :-) news and some bad news :-( !!!

The good news is I’ve successfully located my wherabouts; the bad news is that –

I’m on mars!!!!!!

If you can't see this picture then GET FASTER INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! comprende?

Please can somebody GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! The difference in gravity and pressure is causing me to mutate!!!!!!

Over and out!

Hi guys! – Not sure where I am.

I don’t know where I am yet but I found wirless internet connection. Whilst I find out here is some music I like.

Parry Gripp – Guinea Pig

Randy Crenshaw – Perry The Platypus Theme

Cliff Richard – Congratulations

Error#123 – Code automated transmision

 Revel’s teleporter has malfunctioned. It teleported him to the space where the teleporter would then teleport him again. This happened numerous times before he was finally teleported to an unknown destination. This automated post has been created because of the emergancy and has displayed video footage of the incident above this text. Hopefully Revel will find internet connection at his unknown location and tell us where he is by logging into his blog. If not then I will give updates soon.
Revel’s  Pear O-pad automatic backup system programed by Revel.

Hola! I’m in Mexico where they all speak Spanish!!!!

Me standing by the Mexican Pyramids with a sombrero on my head and eating a taco.

I’m in Mexico!!! I teleported to this random desert place and walked up a pyramid! I’m eating a veggie taco just so you know. And everybody wears sombreros! – not. I’m really enjoying it here except for the fact that there is no food (except for tacos) 😦 and no water :-(. But otherwise it’s great! 🙂

Over and out!!!

My New Page!!!


Check out my food page for awesome stuff about the meaning of life – FOOD!!!!!!!

I have a whole diagram showing what food I like and food what I don’t like.

– And if your wondering why carrot is not on there it is because It’s neither like it nor hate it, so it’s categoryless!

Hey! Check this out!!!

Go to www.chewychewy.webs.com for fun games, a blog, forum, chatroom, random stuff and up to date news and weather!! – No food though 😦

Aye, I’m in Scotland!!!

Photography Copyright Matthew Barnes

Today I’m in Scotland!!! It’s soooo fun – with an unlimited supply of fresh grass!!!

I teleported to the bottom of Ben Nevis and took a gondola up to the top. I tried on a hat and learnt to play the bagpipes – badly :-(. Although Mr Pond says I’m getting better :-)!!! So yeah, I’m having a great time!!!

More updates comming soon!!!

Over and out…

My Backstory

When I was young guinea pig I had a brother called Minstrel. We did a lot together… e.g: eating, sleeping, playing, sleeping, eating, sleeping etc.

A picture of me and my brother Minstrel

But then he died and I was left alone 😦  – But it wasn’t all bad as I had more food for me!!! Still, I was so sad I decided to take my mind off the good old days of the hutch and go on adventures. I installed a teleporter in my sleeping area and now can go anyware I want. I will tell you all about my adventures in blog posts right here on www.reveltheguineapig.wordpress.com !!! So check every now and then because I will even leave pictures of me on my travels.

Over and out!!!


Hello sad people of the world who like watching what I’m doing! I’m Revel and I’m a Guinea Pig, welcome to my blog!!!! By the way I’m a boy – so make sure you know that before you send me fan mail!