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Bonjour! I’m in France!

I finally worked out what was wrong with my teleporter. The binary circuits were combined with the master cable. Causing all of the froplezaps to malfunction. – Which makes sense if you are me.

Anyhow, I decided to go to Paris and visit the Ifle Tower. I am really enjoying it here and these onions are great if a get a bit peckish!

Over and out!

Revel 🙂


Home Sweet Home!

Finally my automated response system (AKA you) told my teleporter’s AI Brain to teleport me from mars back home. I heard the words “Beam me up scotty!” and found myself back home with comfortable air pressure, and had a long snooze. Waking up and writing this post. I’m not teleporting again until I work out what went wrong with that teleporter! Meanwhile I’m making a game so stay tuned!

Over and out!


Hola! I’m in Mexico where they all speak Spanish!!!!

Me standing by the Mexican Pyramids with a sombrero on my head and eating a taco.

I’m in Mexico!!! I teleported to this random desert place and walked up a pyramid! I’m eating a veggie taco just so you know. And everybody wears sombreros! – not. I’m really enjoying it here except for the fact that there is no food (except for tacos) 😦 and no water :-(. But otherwise it’s great! 🙂

Over and out!!!

Aye, I’m in Scotland!!!

Photography Copyright Matthew Barnes

Today I’m in Scotland!!! It’s soooo fun – with an unlimited supply of fresh grass!!!

I teleported to the bottom of Ben Nevis and took a gondola up to the top. I tried on a hat and learnt to play the bagpipes – badly :-(. Although Mr Pond says I’m getting better :-)!!! So yeah, I’m having a great time!!!

More updates comming soon!!!

Over and out…