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Save Doctor Who Confidential

Hey loyal people reader thingys!

Please save Doctor Who Confidential because I enjoy watching it and I’m sure you do too!

River Song – Doctor Who Confidential is dying, please please help! 

The Doctor – That’s stupid, you embarrass me! DWC can’t die!

River Song – There are thousands of stars out there saying “Yes, we’ll help!” You could be one of them!

The Doctor – It doesn’t mean anything unless you sign the petition at

Over and out,

Revel 🙂



Hey everybody! As you can see I’ve made some changes to my Blog. I have changed the theme and got a new header and logo! Many people may also have noticed that that old picture of me (with the bars over my face) is nowhere to be seen (except in revel invaders and on some of my old travelling photos – ok, so it hasn’t disappeared completely). I did all of this because my old site didn’t look very modern and Chewy complained about my picture.

You can now also see my owners twitter which is located in the top right hand corner with a whopping, great, big arrow pointing at it.

You might want to visit the Secrets page as well where if you send me an email I will give you the password to the Members Only page (terms and conditions apply, visit the Secrets page for details).

Overall I hope you enjoy the new site.

Over and out!

Revel 🙂


Hey! Check out my polls page! It’s really cool!

If you like this one then find more on the polls page!

Over and out!

New Game!


Check out my new game Revel invaders! It can be found on the games page!

It’s the only one there at the moment but there will be more coming soon!

My New Page!!!


Check out my food page for awesome stuff about the meaning of life – FOOD!!!!!!!

I have a whole diagram showing what food I like and food what I don’t like.

– And if your wondering why carrot is not on there it is because It’s neither like it nor hate it, so it’s categoryless!

Hey! Check this out!!!

Go to for fun games, a blog, forum, chatroom, random stuff and up to date news and weather!! – No food though 😦