I’ve got some good :-) news and some bad news :-( !!!

The good news is I’ve successfully located my wherabouts; the bad news is that –

I’m on mars!!!!!!

If you can't see this picture then GET FASTER INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! comprende?

Please can somebody GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! The difference in gravity and pressure is causing me to mutate!!!!!!

Over and out!


About Revel The Guinea Pig

I'm a guinea pig who likes adventure and making animations!!!

Posted on 18/03/2011, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Really? wow, thats just over the top,sure you can make a blog about your hamster,but using a telporter to send it to mars? thats just sad.but i will subscribe because its hillarous

  2. Yvonne Armstrong

    He’s just a kid, with an imagination.

    This is pretty cool and ya do fairly well with the layout and pics, so Revel, where did you learn to write and understand human english? I guess your owner taught you… you’re very cute =3
    I’ll send Cuddles round to pick you up at some point. XD

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